My Story


“Little Big” Jason at age 12

I’m Jason, now 29 years old.

I grew up in Oregon and California, and ate the Standard American Diet with my family.

Because of that, I was fat, regularly sick, and had severe tooth decay. I had no idea what health was.

I was un-schooled as a child with close to zero organization or curriculum. I decided at age 16 to attend college in California. After 2 years of paying obscene American tuition fees and with a growing feeling of aimlessness, I had to decide between taking out a student loan to continue college, or doing something completely different.

I took a pencil, paper and some fruits in to the forest and made 2 lists: “What I want in life” and “How my life looks right now”

The first list looked simple, inspiring and practically shone off the page after I had written it:

What I want in life:


Be free

Meet new people

Learn languages

Try new foods

Walk a lot

The second list didn’t match at all:

How my life looks right now:

Community college I don’t care about

Same thing every day

Boring food

No new people

Speaking English all the time

Driving everywhere instead of walking

After that, I decided to quit college. Adventure and exploring the unknown was more important than doing “what I am supposed to” and being enslaved by a debt.

My grandfather was born in Switzerland, and I realized that I am also a Swiss citizen because of him. The plans fell into place instantly; I would book a one-way ticket to Switzerland, travel, feel freedom, meet countless new people, learn languages, try new foods, and walk a lot. Everything on my list of wants was fulfilled simultaneously! I was high on life.

Since leaving my studies in the USA, I’ve:

  • Learned 7 languages to fluency
  • Hitchhiked over 100,000 kilometers in over 1500 vehicles  on 4 continents, meeting and speaking with people that I would have otherwise never had the chance to meet.
  • Found the Mucusless Diet Healing System, my path to self-knowledge.

From age 18 to 27, I wore a backpack and mostly traveled.  It was beautiful to be concerned with little more than where to eat and sleep every day, to understand just how little I needed to be happy, and to live completely in the moment.

In November 2016, I founded the first Podstel in Bucharest, Romania together with 2 close friends (More info – www.podstel.org), and have been enjoying a stable, entrepreneurial lifestyle with all the opportunities for self-development and learning it brings.

November 2016 – Podstel’s grand opening!

Now in 2018, adding more structure and building new habits I can keep for life is my path to maximum personal growth. Join me and follow your own passion!