How is the Mucusless Diet Healing System different from other diets?

I have read dozens of books on all kinds of diets: Atkins, Raw, Vegan, Paleo, but none ever holistically explained the core principles behind my own and other peoples’ health problems and success stories with such clarity as Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System.

There are some dramatic differences between Ehret and other dieticians: For one, he believes the body’s primary fuel is air, not food. Without food, the average person today can survive for months. Without water, around a week. Without air, a few minutes.

Thus, his primary method for achieving health is based on removing all substances consumed or absorbed by the body that prevent it from using air and oxygen at full capacity.

Ehret encourages a slow-paced, rational and individualized transition from any starting point of diet and health, rather than an extreme change to different foods and behaviors in order to fit a particular dogmatic diet. (i.e. Never cook food on a raw diet, never eat grains on Paleo, etc.)

“Yo-yoing”, such as a juice fast immediately followed by pizza, or other extreme changes to the diet can easily shock and damage the body.

To ease the symptoms of waste being loosened and stirred up in the body after years of wrong eating habits, Ehret encourages regular enemas. These are absolutely crucial while seriously practicing the Mucusless Diet Healing System, as the withdrawal symptoms from a changing diet can be severe. Normally, removing waste with an enema immediately relieves physical and mental discomfort.

Why practice the mucusless diet healing system?

I practice the Mucusless Diet Healing System because it explains the mystery of food and health.

It allows me to take full, informed responsibility for my own body, and proactively avoid future illness and disease. Unless your environment and circumstances really do not allow a conscious change, most illness is a choice.

The system lets me sustainably strengthen and maintain my body for the rest of my life without sacrificing other aspects of my health. It allows me to achieve my full potential in whatever I apply myself to.

What does “mucusless” mean?

Not to be confused with the natural and healthy mucous membranes found in your sinuses and other internal organs, “Mucus” refers to the sticky waste and residue left behind in the body after eating mucus-forming foods. The body is constantly trying to remove waste from your body through every avenue possible:

Examples include earwax, “eye sand”, tongue coating, tonsil stones, pus and pimples, offensive body odor from skin pores (especially armpits), solid waste in urine, stools, and of course the classic mucus from your throat and nose.

Certain foods are broken down into mucus or pus when they are digested, and clog up the body: Ehret calls them “mucus/pus forming”. Examples of mucus forming foods include all starches, grains, legumes and overt fats. Dairy products and meats are pus forming, and can lead to pus-filled pimples, abscesses and tumors as your body tries to quarantine and eliminate all the excess waste.

Other foods are “mucusless” and pass quickly and effectively through your digestive system. These include all ripe, sweet, juicy fruits, and all green leafy vegetables. The starches in vegetables such as squash and sweet potato are mostly converted to sugar when well-baked, and are thus almost mucusless as well.

An instant change to a completely mucusless diet from a heavy mucus/pus forming diet will be very unpleasant and possibly dangerous. The less you eat and the more mucusless your diet is, the faster your body will eliminate waste. If your body tries to very quickly eliminate all the waste at once, it could be damaging and do more harm than good. Imagine throwing your garbage down the toilet instead of the trash can; If you did it gradually and in small enough pieces, it would probably not create any problems. However, all at once it would block the flow completely and create huge problems.

The goal is sustainable, increasing levels of health, vitality and strength. As long as you’re moving towards that instead of away from it, does it matter how slow you go? 

The key to that goal is a rational, personalized transition diet plan based on your past and present health, eating habits, and lifestyle. Intermittent fasting, changing your diet, and appropriate use of enemas are tools in order to speed up or slow down your body’s natural elimination of waste.

  • If you eliminate too quickly, you could do more harm than good, damage your body, and fall back into even more destructive habits. An example of this would be initiating a 14-day grape juice fast when you’re used to eating pizza and ice cream every day, experiencing terrible, painful elimination symptoms in your body within days, then breaking the fast with a pizza, negating the benefits of the fast.
  • If you eliminate too slowly, you could be getting more benefits and greater health by eliminating more quickly. An example of this would be continuing to eat the diet you always eat, without slowly transitioning towards more mucusless options, eating less, or eating less often.

Reading those two bullet points emphasizes an important truth: It can be dangerous to transition too quickly.

It’s important to able to stick to the system within the context of your own life, and be confident that what you are doing is healthy and appropriate for your situation. There’s nothing complicated about this. The most complicated part is getting rid of all the wrong beliefs that are spread daily in our culture: i.e. Milk builds strong bones, you need to eat meat to be strong, and that health means looking swollen up like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Enemas would be unnecessary in a perfect situation with the person eating a perfect diet from birth, breathing perfect air. Due to decades of wrong eating, most people have unbelievable amounts of uneliminated waste in their bowels (until you see it come out of your own body), even despite regular bowel movements 3-4 times a day. 

Enemas have been practiced by nearly all cultures around the world for thousands of years as an effective remedy for many problems in the body, as it reduces systemic obstruction and thus allows the body to more easily heal itself naturally. It was a widely accepted, common remedy for many ailments and diseases in the USA up until the pharmaceutical industry started to become popular in the 20th century and “quick-fix” pills and chemicals were able to relieve symptoms almost instantaneously.

Temporary symptoms may disappear, but the root cause (constipation, obstruction, mucoid plaque) will certainly cause symptoms to reappear later, probably more severe than before. This creates a dangerous cycle of constantly increasing dependency on pills and surgery.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather fix my diet, bathe my colon and control myself than to become dependent on pills, lose control of my body and eventually be forced under an expensive surgeon’s knife.

What inspired this blog?

While hitchhiking through California in 2009, a man with incredibly healthy skin, long hair and shining white eyes gave me a ride. He talked about his life, diet, and one of his favorite authors, Arnold Ehret. After our conversation, I developed an intense interest in health.

When I read Ehret, I felt like the mystery was suddenly taken out of health, and every health problem I had ever seen suddenly made perfect sense. Some of the most stereotypically profitable jobs in the world, Doctor and Lawyer, exist because most people have no idea how their health and legal rights work. If you don’t know how something works, you can be fooled to believe anything. I have no desire to bury my head in legalese, but there is nothing more fascinating to me than the human being and how our bodies work on a practical level.

After years of travel and meeting just the right people at the right times, I have decided to use my own body and experiences to demonstrate and prove the truths I have read in Arnold Ehret’s works, and observed around me my whole life.

I want to inspire others to take control of their own health, stop guessing aimlessly why they are sick or suffering, and feel healthier and stronger than they have ever felt before.

So… how do I begin?

If you’re serious about your health, I recommend the following:

  1. Read Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System (available to download here)
  2. Read my article: Everything you need to get started on the Mucusless Diet Healing System
  3. Message me in the Contact Form with any questions; I’ll be glad to help you out!